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Quod Subsisto Tractus

He shifted in his seat, getting used to a tight, armored flight suit he probably hadn’t worn in…easily 6 years. “Docking Command, this is Firebrand, requesting undock and guidance to safe maneuvering distance.” A near-growl into the throat mic was all it took.“Rodger, Firebrand, unclasp, forward at niner-zero M.S., heading one-three-one by zero-zero-zero, upper tier undock. Clear … Continue reading Quod Subsisto Tractus

Normal Life

She walks into the nursery to watch the twins sleep and a self-satisfied smile comes across her face, unable to sleep right now. Both of them almost 13 weeks old already, where has the time gone? Life has changed for them, she reaches out to caresses Violet’s head as she sleeps. She slips out of … Continue reading Normal Life